A busy shopping mall essays

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A busy shopping mall essays

It is a favourite shopping location with a plethora of shopping options for the residents living in its vicinity. It has five levels and more than one hundred specialty stores including Metro, John Little and Kiddy Palace.

There are also various restaurants and extensive food courts for shoppers to grab a drink or have a delightful meal while resting their tired feet. The Christmas sales season has arrived again. Christmas carols are playing softly from the loudspeakers. Shoppers are beginning to flock into the shopping mall, some alone and some in groups.

All are wearing joyous expression on their faces.

A busy shopping mall essays

Huge banners proclaiming the huge discounts are swaying from the ceiling. The store assistants welcome the customers into their outlets. Everyone is obviously in for the best kill. Merchandise with the steepest discount is always snapped up first.

Young enthusiastic sales promoters are trying hard to attract the attention of the shoppers to the amazing prowess of some innovative products. Some readily buy one while others stand there, mulling away. The housewives also turn up in droves. They are buying jewellery, houseware and apparel on display.

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Meanwhile, their children are running around, some even playing hide and seek. Occasional wails could be heard when fussy babies refuse to be soothed with a pacifier but insist to be carried.

A busy shopping mall essays

In bookstores and boutiques, teenagers are also willing to splurge their pocket money away. Some wear nose rings and are clad in the latest fashionable apparel. One cannot but marvel at how on earth do they have so much money to splurge on. In contrast, the retirees also turn up at the mall.

Comparatively, they buy less, I guess, since they no longer work and have to depend on their savings. Some even go back home empty-handed.

As the day draws on, the crowd obviously does not dwindle but becomes more boisterous. The mall is beginning to thicken and shoppers have to meander around, jostling and shoving to move about.

Just then, I catch an interesting sight. A little girl is wailing her lungs out. She has huge tears rolling down her rosy cheeks. A man acting as Santa Claus immediately picks her up and offers her a big lollipop. A smile immediately spreads across her mouth. At that moment, her worried mum comes by and immediately thanks the Santa Claus profusely who gives the girl an acknowledging wink.

I too purchase some items as Christmas presents for my loved ones. As I make my way out toward the exit and disappear slowly behind the shopping crowd, I could not help but ponder at the happy faces of those who receive the lovely presents which will come their way on this festive occasion.Shopping malls are the important part of lives of some people in today's era.

An essay on shopping mall all the benefits of a shopping mall. The shopping malls are the places that are packed in weekends. May 21,  · Descriptive Composition - A crowded shopping centre Causeway Point Shopping Centre is a shopping destination set in the North part of Singapore.

It is a favourite shopping location with a plethora of shopping options Author: r-bridal.com A shopping mall is a place where everything is available under one roof. Shopping mall gives us shopping with comfort.. On last Sunday I visited a shopping mall with my mother and cousin nearby my home.

It is known as Iscon Mall..

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- When Victor Gruen, the man credited with designing the first shopping mall in the early s, designed plans for new shopping malls to be created, he typically specified land that was to be included and used for community and civic purposes. I had a fun time observing the customers in the shopping mall and would definitely return again to visit because of the good service of the sales staff at the department store and what the mall has to offer.

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