Dust bowl bt donald worster

Treasurer 2, 3Student Council Treas. I confer u;bon you the degrees of The President congratulates Mrs.

Dust bowl bt donald worster

Tht wtrk'tnd btgan with this gathtring in orrt of tht IUJ1nalfla Villagt courijiards. Steel Award in a Row '. The Uni ersity of Pennsylva IOill!

Dust bowl bt donald worster

DC included a 51, cash prize for each. Accepting the Wake Forest award were G. D '76Washington, D. C representative;, of the Alumm Council Infor the second year in a row, only two major private universities were recognized for sustamed performance; and also for the second year, Wal.

I know of no in;tituhon in recent vears having won two consecuti, e U. This division includes seventv-fi, e institutions from across the nation such as perennial Ivy league leaders Han ard, Yale, and Princeton. In this divtsion, Wake Forest has been named a fmalist in the U.

Steel Foundation's Alumni Giving Awards competition in eight of the past eleven years. In h1s annual report to the Board of Trustees on September 11, G.

W1thout everyone's not necessarily compatible goals. I am delighted to support, we s1mply could not cont1nue reachmg announce that the University has achieved both.

Joyner pointed out, "We've had great leadership -local and national. Sm1th Reynolds Foundation gift established a Reynolds Scholarsh1p program to begin in the fall of " It is to be among the most respected merit scholarships awarded by a southern private university," said Joyner.

The gift also provided for several other campaign priorities: Wake Forest's first fully endowed professorship, the Kenan professorship, has been a source of pride ever since it was granted to the University ten years ago.

Smith Reynolds Library, the heart of the University, received add1tional endorsements.

Worster: Dust Bowl

The grant was to finance building renovations, strengthen art and music history and increase collections of British works Reid Morgan '75, D. RJR's gift initiated numerous individual grants to the Music Wing.

Joyner reported that "our efforts to secure funding for completion of the Fine Arts Center have been encouraging. I feel that the Kresge and Reynolds grants will inspire our supporters to complete the nation's finest teaching facility for the fine arts. Reynolds gift was used to kick off the Forsyth County regional campaign in February.


Bob Baker, Director of the Law Fund and Corporate Relations, was the staff member directing the regional campaign Baker said, "The response of corporations.

Bob Mills '71, M. Mills also reported that the Greensboro area campaign, under the guidance of Albert S. Campaigns in Charlotte and Atlanta have begun more recently, said julius H. Corpening '49Director of Development and Estate Planning.

Stuart Dickson of Charlotte and Edward P. Gould of Atlanta has provided these two campaigns with successful starts. Mo re plaonly, at "'a es little sense to add to the Universi ty's rndowment during a capital campaogn if it causes nortcomongs on our annual giving progra ms.

Wake Forest received national honors in rompehhon sponsored by the U. See related a r ticle. At an annual assembly on Washing ton D.Aschimney-sweepers, come to dust-- JAMES WHITE is extinct, and with him these suppers have l$ I reeled and shivered earthward like a feather.

And Death fell with me, like a deepening m an. A Samian Bowl of the Potter Albinvs from Verulamium Greep, S Dust and a Shadow Hillelson, D Traditional Woodland Management Jack Parker Flood, S The Circus Comes to Town Pieta sculpture by Alec Worster Berkhamsted Castle: Excavations at the South-East Tower Curnow, PE.

4 s m-es sol ge Fund Celebrates Splendid Year The Colle!' Fund refused to take a back seat to h Sesquocentennial Campaign. Unrestricted 1 ving as essential to the University," said Manta A ~cnally ('74), Directo r of the College Fund Consistent annual gofts by alumna of the College IS well as the gradua te schools reaffir m the objectives of the capital campaign.

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The Dust Bowl The Dust Bowl was "the darkest moment in the twentieth-century life of the southern plains," (pg. 4) as described by Donald Worster in his book "The Dust Bowl." It was a time of drought, famine, and poverty that existed in the 's.

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