Gcse media coursework evaluation

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Gcse media coursework evaluation

We changed our song as we thought we can add more effects onto the other one. We thought of doing our flashback in black and white to represent the past; we choose to do a flashback for the reason that we could have done fighting scenes and repeated shots for effects.

We mostly stuck to our decisions as we liked the idea of our video. Our group was behind Gcse media coursework evaluation we changed actors many time.

Also Jai, who was in our group left therefore me and Ruweyda had to create the whole video by ourselves. Two of us had to do editing, directing, acting, camerawork in a very short period. The research I undertook on other music videos is that we watched professional videos and ametur videos.

I realized that story line is one of the key element in a music video as it bring interest in the audience. Another profesional video that I analyzed was Afrixa Shox. It was set tin New York. This also had a interesting story which made us believe that it is very important to contain a storyline.

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I found both of the music videos very interesting for the reason that their theme very very unique. In addition, both of the videos contained variety of camera shots like high angles and close ups. The song is regarding love and relationships problems which often occur between the ages of I think the song more relates to young girls than boys as it is taking about relationships and love which is more of a girly concept.

We looked at a wide variety of music video styles such as Frozen' by Afrixa Shox and Hip hop is dead which was an amateur. Afrixa Shox contained a very unique story and was set in New York. The acting was amazingly outstanding. It also conatined different locations which kept the audience interest.

The video was set in school which did not looked very effective. The feedback that helped us was from Mr. This made us work even harder and stayed after school and lunchtimes. We thought it was a perfect song for the reason that we can make a great story out of it.

Weebly has helped me to communicate my work. It helped me work faster and efficient. I wrote all my ideas onto our weebly. By this, my work was secure and I was well organized.Evaluation is a very important part of your practical work in Media Studies. It should be an ongoing part of your production process, and not just some quick thoughts scribbled down at the end.

Production Coursework Evaluation On the features page I have included a short comic, this provides entertainment and a distraction from the serious content of the newspaper, it also draws the readers eyes to the advert that is next to it. Music Video Evaluation Our coursework brief was to create a music video for a song lasting three to four minutes long including conventions of a music video.

Examples of music video conventions would be close-ups of our artist and it’s mainly a concept based video with a performance. Tips for writing an evaluation essay for GCSE practical media work. GCSE Media Studies Unit 2: Understanding the Media Assignment 2: Advertising and Marketing Exemplar Folder 2 version The contents page includes 3 columns of all the pages along with their page numbers.

Gcse media coursework evaluation

One column is dedicated to the pages that were featured as the puffs and the main article (central image and anchorage text) and the other two columns are of all the other pages in the magazine.

GCSE Media Studies Evaluation