Hemp is hope not dope essay

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Hemp is hope not dope essay

Hemp is hope not dope essay

Please note the blog policy when submitting comments. Over the course of many years, numerous pain patients nationwide have contacted me seeking advice on what to do, often in a panicked state because their long-term physician caregiver was relocating or retiring.

As you might imagine, it frequently involved opioids. PROMPT members include healthcare providers that have direct patient care responsibilities specific to pain management.

PROMPT has serious concerns about the safety of chronic opioid use; we are therefore in favor of mitigating these risks by encouraging careful and reasonable patient monitoring to maximize patient care and public safety. We advocate for clinician education, proactive risk stratification, and appropriate therapeutic monitoring.

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Smoking Marijuana is something that many people assume to be a safe and risk-free recreational activity. The drug, which has countless street names (such as Pot, Herb, Green, Ganja, Chronic, etc.), has gained a reputation for helping to facilitate good times and relaxation.

Industrial Hemp Hemp is among the earth's primary renewable resources. Trees cut down to make paper take fifty to five-hundred years to grow back while hemp can be cultivated in as little as one-hundred days, and can yield four times more paper over a twenty year period 2 / The legalization of Hemp has significant medicinal and industrial value.

Its sad i also have Chronic C.O.P.D. Along with being sexually abused years of my child hood I developed a eating disorder and felt assamed I was sent to a University to be treated they started me on a mild nerve medication so I have been on a nerve med for 38 years now and my Doctor treated my C.O.P.D with Percocets.

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- Weed, hemp, hash, dope, and kush, these are just a few of the terms that refer to marijuana. Marijuana is essentially a mixture of different parts of the cannabis sativa plant and for centuries marijuana has been used for a . That would be enough to convince most reasonable people, and that is all you can hope to do in an essay.

Likewise, you don't need to claim that the reason the U.S. does not allow the growing of hemp is that the government is ignorant of the claimed fact that it is possible to grow hemp without producing an illegal narcotic.

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