Managerial attributes

Poor management affects staff morale, customer service and the quality of your product.

Managerial attributes

Learn what each attribute means and which are the key attributes for each role and duty on the field. Updated for Football Manager !

For Tactics sake, you need the right type of players to play the way you please. To identify who is in your plans, attributes are important and therefore us here at FM Scout will demonstrate to you just what Managerial attributes one means.

There are some hidden attributes you don't get to see in-game but they exist and can be very important; we showcase them as well.

Finally, we list the key attributes for every single player role and duty you can choose on the football pitch. It's something that you can find on your own in-game, but that would take lots of clicks and a notepad to write them down. You can find them all here in one page. Goalkeepers with higher ratings here will be able to deal with these potentially tricky situations more capably.

Jack Ross Sees Managerial Attributes In Sunderland Star

Marc Vaughan and Nick Habershon: The capacity to pluck the ball out of the air. A keeper who comes out and flaps at a ball will cause panic among his defenders.

A good aerial ability is helpful against teams who get lots of crosses in or use the long ball tactic. A goalkeeper who commands his entire box i. Do note, however, that a high rating only increases his penchant for coming for crosses and not necessarily claiming them all. A keeper with good command of his area is mobile and gets around the box rapidly.

He will display this attribute best at set pieces — knowing when to come for the ball and making sure he gets it when he does. A higher rating reflects a better communicator and will allow your back five or more to work better together, ensuring better defensive stability.

A keeper with good communication skills is essential if you want to possess an organized defense. Things like dribbling out of his area will be commonplace if the eccentricity attribute is high.


An eccentric keeper is a double-edged sword. He might be capable of moments of genius, but equally you may find him scampering out of his box with no hope of getting to the ball before the opposition striker.

If you like a player with a bit of character, a low rating, in my opinion, is not necessarily a good thing.

Managerial attributes

This is the attribute you really want to look out for in a keeper. His Passing and Technique ratings will define how accurate his kicks are. If you play the long ball tactic, make sure your keeper has a good kicking attribute.

He'll be able to stick it on your target man's head from his six yard box. If your keeper has a poor kicking rating, have him distribute the ball straight to your defenders. The higher this ability, the higher is the chance that the keeper will deny the goalscoring opportunity.

This combines with good Reflexes, Rushing Out and Composure. If he has a high reflexes rating he will be able to respond to the unpredictable with more success and be able to pull off the highlight reel saves.

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This is a great attribute for your keeper to have, denoting how good he is at making instinctive saves — particularly from close range.Aug 02,  · An introduction of leadership concepts that include definitions, approaches, theories, principles, attributes, and differences beteen leaders, bosses, and managers.

– This paper aims to investigate strategy at the functional level, in Dubai local government. Using Miles and Snow's strategy typology, it seeks to concentrate on the relationship between the alignment of managerial characteristics with strategy type and performance.

Managerial practices and motivational techniques that are legitimate and acceptable in on culture may not be in another.

These attributes include: foresight, a willingness to encourage.

Managerial attributes

The midfielder an influential figure at the Stadium of Light and registered his third goal of the campaign when he broke the deadlock at the Ricoh Arena just after the half-time interval.

Skills/ Attributes: Managerial: i. Should be a good motivator with exceptional communication skills/ Analytical Skills & Team work and People Management Skills.

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r-bridal.comiency (read, write, speak) in Assamese, Hindi & English (any of two) is must. Good management is critical to the success of a small business.

Poor management affects staff morale, customer service and the quality of your product.

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