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Overview[ edit ] The annual Dance Valley dance music festival in the Netherlands. Such music festivals typically include a large temporary stage, are held outdoors, and include other attractions such as food, performance art and other social activities. Music venues may be either privately or publicly funded, and may charge for admission. An example of a publicly funded music venue is a park bandstand; such outdoor venues charge nothing for admission.

Music concert

Referring to the Stones, Dryden said, "Next to the Beatles they were the biggest rock and roll band in the world, and we wanted them to experience what we were experiencing in San Francisco. But by December 4, the plans had broken down, in Paul Kantner 's account, because the city and police departments were unhelpful; innate conflict between the hippies of Haight-Ashbury and the police was manifested in obstructiveness.

Jefferson Airplane flew out of Miami on December 5. Kantner said the location was taken in a spirit of desperation: Something was very peculiar, not particularly bad, just real peculiar.

It was that kind of hazy, abrasive and unsure day. I had expected the loving vibes of Woodstock but that wasn't coming at me.

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This was a whole different thing. In answer to this criticism, the Rolling Stones decided to end their Music concert with a free concert in San Francisco. The concert was originally scheduled to Music concert held at San Jose State University 's practice field, as there had recently been a three-day outdoor free festival there with 52 bands and 80, attendees.

Dirt Cheap Productions was asked to help secure the property again for the Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead to play a free concert. The Stones and the Dead were told the city of San Jose was not in the mood for another large concert and the grounds were out of bounds. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco was next on the list.

However, a previously scheduled Chicago Bears — San Francisco 49ers football game at Kezar Stadiumlocated in Golden Gate Park, made that venue impractical, and permits were never issued for the concert.

Music concert

The venue was then changed to the Sears Point Raceway. However, a dispute with Sears Point's owner, Filmways, Inc. The Altamont Raceway was chosen at the suggestion of its then-owner, local businessman Dick Carter.

The concert was to take place on Saturday, December 6; the location was switched on the night of Thursday, December 4.

In making preparations, Grateful Dead manager Rock Scully and concert organizer Michael Lang helicoptered over the site before making the selection, much as Lang had done when the Woodstock Festival was moved at the last moment from Wallkill, New Yorkto Bethel, New York.

The move also created a problem for the stage design; instead of being on top of a rise, which characterized the geography at Sears Point, at Altamont the stage would now be at the bottom of a slope. The Rolling Stones' stage manager on the tour, Chip Monckexplained that "the stage was one metre high — 39 inches for us — and [at Sears Point] it was on the top of a hill, so all the audience pressure was back upon them".

You could probably have put another stage below it This story has been denied by some parties who were directly involved. But there was no way 'They're going to be the police force' or anything like that.

We don't police things. We're not a security force.

Music concert

We go to concerts to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Well, what about helping people out—you know, giving directions and things?

Sure, we can do that. When Cutler asked how they would like to be paid, William replied, "We like beer. InCutler explained his decision to use the Angels. I was talking with them, because I was interested in the security of my band—everyone's security, for that matter.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. They were the only people who were strong and together.

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Who was going to stop it? There was no barrier. What we learned in the broadcast was pretty much startling: That was the understanding, that was the deal. And it seemed like there was not a lot of disagreement over that; that seemed to emerge as a fact, because it became rather apparent that the Stones didn't know what kind of people they were dealing with.

I ain't no cop, I ain't never going to ever pretend to be no cop.How it Started. Music in Mears was founded in by Brian Horst (Details Style Lab) and Kyle Johnson (Top Tier Athletes). The series that started with just 4 shows in September grew to 12 weeks in and continues to add to the excitement of living, working or playing in Downtown St.

Paul! The Music in the Air Concert Series has wrapped up for the season. Please check back in February for details on the season!

Print the schedule here. Oct 18,  · Armed with acoustic guitars, tiny amps, a desktop percussion unit and a ton of grace, Wilco plays three new songs from The Whole Love and an old favorite in.

The University of Georgia’s Hugh Hodgson School of Music’s annual Holiday Concert will take place on Thursday, November 29thand Friday, November 30that each night on the Hodgson Hall stage.

Audiences will be able to enjoy the talents of hundreds of singers and instrumentalists from the choral and large ensembles of the School of Music. Yahoo Entertainment is your source for the latest TV, movies, music, and celebrity news, including interviews, trailers, photos, and first looks.

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