Paper pennant banner

You will find this free banner template can easily make any special occasion seem more special.

Paper pennant banner

How to Make a Birthday Pennant Banner Recently, my little boy turned 5, and we hosted a pirate party for his friends. I love pennant banners, and I realized that I could make a very simple one from my digital scrapbooking supplies.

It turned out great! The fun part was that I was able to include pictures from each year of his life, which I would not have been able to do with a fabric one. I thought I would show you how to make one for those special birthday celebration decorations.

Print full sheets of digital scrapbooking paper out on your computer. I was able to get two large pennants out of one paper.

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Determine how far you want your birthday pennant banner to stretch and how many printed papers you will need. I also printed out some photos of my little boy in a circle shape to be attached to the pennant. It works great to cut out a pennant shape first and use it as a pattern to trace onto your paper.

Cut out your pictures and attach them to various pennants. Leave enough room that it can easily be stapled together. You can also trim off the ends that stick out after folding. Next, cut your yarn, ribbon, or cording the length you will need to stretch across the room.

It works well to lay it down on the floor and evenly space the pennants across it to see where they will need to be stapled.

It also helps to lay it out to determine your pattern or spaces for the photo pennants. Put the folded part over the cord and staple with a stapler. You created a birthday pennant banner in no time!

I was surprised how quickly I was able to make this and how great it turned out. You can also find matching embellishments to adhere to cups and decorations to complete your birthday party theme. There are so many varieties of digital scrapbooking paper that I am excited about all the possible pennant banners I can make.

I hope you have fun making a few yourself! Here you'll find digital products and all the inspiration you need to complete your projects.

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PinShare6+13Tweet Shares Welcome to. Decorative Paper {Pennant, Garland, Flag, Bunting} Banner-Making * By the time you complete this easy DIY tutorial, you should have a lovely pennant banner to grace your wall or mantel. Are you ready? Let’s start!

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Paper pennant banner

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Apr 05,  · How to Make a Pennant Banner. In this video, Kerri teaches you how to make a simple pennant banner for your home using simple materials and supplies. https:/.

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