Scientific and humanistic approaches to evaluation

Embed or link this publication Description Summary of the course on curriculum evaluation Popular Pages p. The process of collecting data on a programme to determine its value or worth with the aim of deciding whether to adopt, reject, or revise the programme. In short, Evaluation is an integral part of the curriculum development process III.

Scientific and humanistic approaches to evaluation

In this framework the basic concern is for human growth. We look to the work of Maslow and Rogers as expressions of this approach. A great deal of the theoretical writing about adult education in the s and s drew on humanistic psychology.

Scientific and humanistic approaches to evaluation

In this orientation the basic concern is for the human potential for growth. Instead the affective and subjective world was to be reaffirmed.

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Personal freedom, choice, motivations and feelings had to have their place. At the lowest level are physiological needs, at the highest self actualization. Only when the lower needs are met is it possible to fully move on to the next level.

A motive at the lower level is always stronger than those at higher levels. Tennant summarizes these as follows: Physiological needs such as hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, relaxation and bodily integrity must be satisfied before the next level comes into play. Safety needs call for a predictable and orderly world.

If these are not satisfied people will look to organize their worlds to provide for the greatest degree of safety and security. If satisfied, people will come under the force of level three. Love and belonginess needs cause people to seek warm and friendly relationships.

Self-esteem needs involve the desire for strength, achievement, adequacy, mastery and competence. They also involve confidence, independence, reputation and prestige.

Scientific and humanistic approaches to evaluation

Self-actualization is the full use and expression of talents, capacities and potentialities. Self actualizers are able to submit to social regulation without losing their own integrity or personal independence; that is they may follow a social norm without their horizons being bounded in the sense that they fail to see or consider other possibilities.

They may on occasion transcend the socially prescribed ways of acting. Achieving this level may mean developing to the full stature of which they are capable. Yet while self actualization may seen as the primary goal, other goals linked to the other stages are also around.

These include a sense of accomplishment and the controlling of impulses Maslow For example, Do lower needs really have to be satisfied before higher ones come into play?

People may well put physiological needs on one side to satisfy the need for love, for example.A MEDLEY OF PRACTICE APPROACHES Social Work Assessment: Case Theory Construction by Cynthia D.

Bisman Abstract To intervene effectively, social workers need to make sense of clients and their situations.A case theory approach to assessment pro- vides a framework to formulate assessments that are clear and directly related to the real-world problems clients present Explaining.

2 Six Key ApproAcheS to counSelling And therApy BOx fOur cOunselling and therapy schOOls The psychodynamic school The term psychodynamic refers to the transfer of psychic or mental energy between the different structures and levels of consciousness within people’s minds. 4 approaches of evaluation Formative & Summative Evaluation Scientific vs Humanistic Approach Scientific Approach comparative information quantitative data Documents Similar To Evaluation Approaches (17) The Saber Tooth Curriculum.

Uploaded by. Ronel Pasalo Medina Batangan. you can. of students in various courses to help create a balance between scientific and technical aspects of “The faculty believes that education is based on humanistic approaches that foster responsibility for learning and evaluation of outcomes lie within the person.

We can expect to. THEREFORE, ‘most of the time, there is a need to teach ideas in holistic manner’ Utilizing various scientific, humanistic or scientific-humanistic approaches simultaneously in order to overcome the focus of CE model on Some particular feature of evaluation Some unique functions / roles For they prescribe Specific patterns for evaluation.

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