The role of the supervisor in the development of research project essay

Supervisors have many different levels of responsibility. They answer to company management, but they also are responsible for the development and activities of their staff members.

The role of the supervisor in the development of research project essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. This means that doubt gives place to inquiry and inquiry to invention. When this inquiry becomes the part of a systematic investigation, is called research.

Each research has three basic components: Student, Topic, and Supervisor. All these are basic requirements for any research project and in the absence of anyone of such component no research is possible.

This term paper makes an attempt to define the basic features of the research by focusing on a range of issues associated with the role and the responsibility of the supervisor in development of a research project and the relationship between the student and the supervisor.

There is difference between reading and study. We read a novel or a poem in general.

The Role of the Supervisor in the Development of Research Project | Essay Example

But we study, when we have to review or make comments on them. Research is more than study; it has assumed a new meaning in the twentieth century. It is a technical term which means a systematic investigation in a field of knowledge to discover or establish facts or principle.

The following definition will give us a clear idea what is research is: Research can be defined as the search for knowledge, or as any systematic investigation, with an open mind, to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas, or develop new theories.

The primary purposes of basic research as opposed to applied research are documentation, discovery, interpretation, or the research and development of methods and systems for the advancement of human knowledge.

Approaches to research depend on epistemologies, which vary considerably both within and between humanities and sciences. Research is a systematic and critical investigation.

It aims at the discovery of new facts and their correct information. It is also the revision of accepted laws or theories in the light of the discovery of new facts. It can be the practical application of new or revised conclusions, theories or law.

Coming to the first feature, the word systematic means that the entire procedure of the investigation is done under certain principles. The word critical means that the researcher takes care of both kinds of facts, one that favours his hypothesis and the other that goes counter to his assumptions.

It follows then, that the researcher must not be prejudiced or subjective in his observation, experiment, analysis or interpretation nor should be erratic in arrangement of facts nor ignores the facts that shatter his postulates or hypothesis. For example- suppose a researcher assumes that Hopkins is purely a modern poet and entirely different from the other Victorians.

Role of a Supervisor in the Workplace |

Now if the researcher finds that Hopkins is Victorian in his attitude and ideas, he must not ignores this fact and must revise his hypothesis.

Secondly, research should be a genuine contribution to knowledge. This is possible only when we discover new fact or interpret a known fact in new way. We all know that Shakespeare has written thirty seven plays.

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Thirdly, research is also that kind of investigation which examines an accepted theory to revise or modify or sometimes reject it.

Copernicus examined the old concept of the universe, found it unacceptable, and after rejecting it posited his new concept.

Likewise the linguists of the seventeenth century considered Latin and Greek to be most ancient languages. Later on, Sir William Jones, after his arrival in India and study of Sanskrit, propounded that Sanskrit was the most ancient language and all the European and, Indian languages have their origin in it.

But this theory too, he raised and modified later on. Now the accepted theory is that the Indian and European languages have their source in Proto-Indo-European language.

Finally, research can be of applied kind. Here the investigator applies the abstract principles of a theory for practical purposes.

The role of the supervisor in the development of research project essay

Up till now we have discussed research and its features as it is a systematic, genuine, applied, investigation.The Role of Technology in National Development and Petronas Research and Scientific Services to define research problems and supervise the commercialization of results.

All research projects from which new technologies resulted were driven entirely by Carigali’s E&P requirements, and various company departments served as project sponsors. supervisor Research Paper Essay on Supervisor Role M03_GOOD_11_SE Mastering effective communication in the role of a subordinate as well as in the role of supervisor is paramount.

Jun 30,  · Role of a Supervisor in the Workplace by George N. Root III; Updated June 30, Development. A supervisor is an immediate authority figure to her staff. She is the level between the.

Research plays a major role in all-round development of an individual. A supervisor is the key person in research. The principal role of the supervisor is to help students achieve their scholastic potential and to chair the student's Supervisory Committee.

They understand the importance of team development, and they work hard to support their team. They work to earn the credibility and support of their team members. They focus on creating a culture where accountability and fairness are present in every encounter.

They support the professional development and training of their team members. a RIN-commissioned project to investigate the place and role of PhD supervisors in the drive to ensure that research in the development of research student knowledge and skills, a detailed exploration of the role of the supervisor The role of research supervisors Working group .

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